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As Seen in May 2003 issue

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As seen on NBC-TV!


Welcome to the original BWWM.

Often imitated, never duplicated!

Not to be confused with the imitators that are out there.

We are the original BWWM, dating back to 1998 on Excite.



No online troublemakers!!

No wannabe groups!!!



This is the real deal. Our BWWM Black Women And White Men groups are responsible for at least 13 marriages between Black Women and White Men that we know of!

Our roots go back to 1998 on the old Excite clubs. We are Black Women And White Men. We are in these relationships. We seek to be in these relationships. While society does not always approve of these relationships, here you will find support, friendship, and validation. You may even meet your mate here!

You may not agree with everyone's opinions, please at least respect your fellow members' opinions.

To all the beautiful Black Women, remember, Gentlemen DO NOT Prefer Blondes! YOU are what we prefer here!


Posts of this nature, AND X-RATED PHOTOS AND MATERIAL will be DELETED!

We are not debate groups.   We don't allow flaming of other members.

We are about getting Black Women and White Men together.




More IN PERSON gatherings, than any other groups!!!




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Gentlemen DO NOT Prefer Blondes!!!!
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Sunday Brunch

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We are not just "playing around on the computer."  Our groups are extremely interactive, and we do meet up IN PERSON!
This photo is from our March 2010 IN PERSON gathering, at Boutique Night Club, in Chicago.


Since 1998, we have been providing the finest in online groups for getting Black Women and White Men together. 
We do require:
Completed facebook Page and/ or Yahoo Profile with the following:
1.  Age
2.  Location
3.  Gender
4.  Marital Status
Certain people who try to join our groups are rejected!  Over 2,000 online troublemakers,  have been banned for life, from joining our groups.   You are safe and secure with us, in the best of company.   There are enough "wanker groups" around to service the people that we ban.  You don't have to be bothered with such wankers in our groups!

If you wish, you may e-mail BWWM's ORIGINAL FOUNDER, for more information.

Click on the sign up buttons or links for any of our groups above!
If your facebook Page and/ or Yahoo Profile meets our requirements, and you are not on our banned list, you will be approved, as soon as possible!!
Thank you for your interest in the BWWM Family Of Online Clubs Groups and Communities!!!